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Class Concrete5_Controller_Block_AutonavItem

An object used by the Autonav Block to display navigation items in a tree

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Package: Blocks\Auto-Nav
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003-2012 Concrete5. (
License: MIT License
Author: Andrew Embler
Located at core/controllers/blocks/autonav_item.php

Methods summary

# __construct( array $itemInfo, integer $level = 1 )

Instantiates an Autonav Block Item.

public integer
# hasChildren( )

Returns the number of children below this current nav item

public boolean
# isActive( Page & $c )

Determines whether this nav item is the current page the user is on.

public string
# getDescription( )

Returns the description of the current navigation item (typically grabbed from the page's short description field)

# getTarget( )

Returns a target for the nav item

public string
# getURL( )

Gets a URL that will take the user to this particular page. Checks against URL_REWRITING, the page's path, etc..

public string
# getName( )

Gets the name of the page or link.

public integer
# getCollectionID( )

Gets the pageID for the navigation item.

public integer
# getLevel( )

Gets the current level at the nav tree that we're at.

# setCollectionObject( Page & $obj )

Sets the collection Object of the navigation item to the passed object

public Page
# getCollectionObject( )

Gets the collection Object of the navigation item

Properties summary

protected $level
protected boolean $isActive
# false
protected $_c
public boolean $hasChildren
# false