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Class Concrete5_Controller_Block_GoogleMap

Controller for the Google Maps block, which can display a map on a page.

Extended by Controller
Extended by Concrete5_Library_BlockController
Extended by BlockController
Extended by Concrete5_Controller_Block_GoogleMap

Direct known subclasses


Package: Blocks\Google
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003-2012 Concrete5. (
License: MIT License
Author: Ryan Tyler
Author: Andrew Embler
Located at core/controllers/blocks/google_map.php

Methods summary

public string
# getBlockTypeDescription( )

Used for localization. If we want to localize the name/description we have to include this

public string
# getBlockTypeName( )

Returns the name of the block type

# view( )
# save( array $data )

Run when a block is added or edited. Automatically saves block data against the block's database table. If a block needs to do more than this (save to multiple tables, upload files, etc... it should override this.

# lookupLatLong( $address )

Properties summary

protected string $btTable
# 'btGoogleMap'
protected integer $btInterfaceWidth
# 750
protected integer $btInterfaceHeight
# 460
protected boolean $btCacheBlockRecord
# true
protected boolean $btCacheBlockOutput
# true
protected boolean $btCacheBlockOutputOnPost
# true
protected boolean $btCacheBlockOutputForRegisteredUsers
# false
public string $title
# ""
public string $location
# ""
public string $latitude
# ""
public string $longitude
# ""
public integer $zoom
# 14