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Class Concrete5_Controller_Dashboard_System_Seo_Urls

A generic object that every block or page controller extends

Extended by Controller
Extended by Concrete5_Controller_Dashboard_Base
Extended by DashboardBaseController
Extended by Concrete5_Controller_Dashboard_System_Seo_Urls

Direct known subclasses


Package: Core
Category: Concrete
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Concrete5. (
License: MIT License
Author: Andrew Embler
Located at core/controllers/single_pages/dashboard/system/seo/urls.php

Methods summary

public string
# getRewriteRules( )

Returns the mod_rewrite rules

public string
# getHtaccessText( )

Returns the .htaccess text to be copied/inserted

# view( string $strStatus = false, boolean $blnHtu = false )

Dasboard page view

# update_rewriting( )

Updates the .htaccess file (if writable)

Properties summary