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Class Concrete5_Library_Archive

A generic class representing an archive in the system (most likely a zip archive.)

Direct known subclasses


Package: Utilities
Category: Concrete
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Concrete5. (
License: MIT License
Author: Andrew Embler
Located at core/libraries/archive.php

Methods summary

protected string
# uploadZipToTemp( string $file )

Moves an uploaded file to the tmp directory

protected string
# unzip( string $directory )

Unzips a file at a directory level by concatenating ".zip" onto the end of it.

unzip("/path/to/files/themes/mytheme") // will unzip ""
protected string
# getArchiveDirectory( string $dir )

Returns either the directory (if the archive itself contains files at the first level) or the subdirectory if, like many archiving programs, we the zip archive is a directory, THEN a list of files.

protected base
# install( string $file, $inplace = false )

Installs a zip file from the passed directory

Properties summary

protected string $targetDirectory

The directory where this archive will be unzipped

# "/dev/null"