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Class Concrete5_Model_BlockTypeList

The block type list object holds types of blocks, takes care of querying the file system for newly available

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Extended by Concrete5_Model_BlockTypeList

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Package: Blocks
Category: Concrete
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Concrete5. (
License: MIT License
Author: Andrew Embler
Located at core/models/block_types.php

Methods summary

public static BlockType[]
# getByPackage( Package $pkg )

Gets an array of BlockTypes for a given Package

public static
# exportList( string $xml )
public static BlockType[]
# getDashboardBlockTypes( Area $ap,… )

returns an array of Block Types used in the concrete5 Dashboard

public BlockTypeList
# __construct( array $allowedBlocks = null )

BlockTypeList class constructor

public BlockType[]
# getBlockTypeList( )

gets the array of BlockType objects

public static BlockType[]
# getAvailableList( )

Gets a list of block types that are not installed, used to get blocks that can be installed This function only surveys the web/blocks directory - it's not looking at the package level.

public static BlockType[]
# getInstalledList( )

gets a list of installed BlockTypes

public BlockType[]
# getBlockTypeArray( )

Gets a list of installed BlockTypes - could be defined as static

public string
# getBlockTypeAddAction( Area & $a )

gets the form post action for the current block type given the area

public string
# getBlockTypeAliasAction( Area & $a )

gets the form post action for the current block type given the area

public static
# resetBlockTypeDisplayOrder( $column = 'btID' )

Properties summary

public BlockType[] $btArray

array of BlockType objects - should likely be considered a protected property use getBlockTypeList instead of accessing this property directly

# array()

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