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Class ConcreteAvatarHelper

Package: Helpers
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Concrete5. (
License: MIT License
Author: Andrew Embler
Located at helpers/concrete/avatar.php

Methods summary

public array
# getStockAvatars( )

Gets the default avatar

public string
# outputUserAvatar( user $uo, $suppressNone = false, $aspectRatio = 1.0 )

Outputs the final user avatar

public string
# getImagePath( user $uo, boolean $withNoCacheStr = true )

gets the image path for a users avatar

public string
# outputNoAvatar( integer $aspectRatio = 1.0 )

What to show if the user has no avatar

public integer
# processUploadedAvatar( string $pointer, integer $uID )

Makes the provided image the avatar for the user It needs to make some various sizes of the image

# removeAvatar( user $ui )

Removes the avatar for the given user

public integer
# updateUserAvatar( string $pointer, integer $uID )

Updates the avatar for the given user with the image given in $pointer

# updateUserAvatarWithStock( string $pointer, integer $uID )

Updates the avatar for the given user with a stock image thats given with $pointer

public String
# get_gravatar( string $email, string $s = 80, string $d = 'mm', string $r = 'g', boolean $img = false, array $atts = array() )

Get either a Gravatar URL or complete image tag for a specified email address.