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Groups are a way to clump users together. Groups can be used for permissions, organization/filtering, and additional programmatic functionality.

Getting the Group Object

$group = Group::getByID($groupID)

$group = Group::getByName($groupName)

These methods will return a Group object.

Group Object Methods

$members = $group->getGroupMembers($type = null)

Get an array of UserInfo objects belonging to the group. An optional type may be specified, but $type will only ever be non-null if you add users to groups programmatically.

$num = $group->getGroupMembersNum($type = null)

Gets the count of users in a Group without retrieving all UserInfo objects.


Delete a User Group.


Returns the name of the group.


Returns the description of a group.

$group = Group::add($groupName, $groupDescription)

Creates a new group.

$group->update($groupName, $groupDescription)

Updates the name and description of a group.

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