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Here, we will continue sharing with you some of the best tools out there for enhancing your website, and your overall online presence.

As in the first two volumes of this How-To series, this how-to is more of a "useful resources" article. We will continue, starting at number 21...

21. Fontastic


This FREE tool allows you to create your own icon fonts! GO NOW >>

22. Code Visually


Find and discover new and exciting developer resources, tools, and scripts! GO NOW >>

23. On-Page SEO Infographic

On-page SEO

A fun and useful infographic about proper on-page SEO! GO NOW >>

24. Picksum Ipsum

Picksum Ipsum

An alternative lorum ipsum generator that uses lines from famous actors! GO NOW >>

25. Pictaculous


Upload an image, and generate a color scheme! GO NOW >>

26. UI8 Wireframe Kit

UI8 Wireframekit

Over 70 templates and 300 UI elements for web, tablet and mobile devices. GO NOW>>

27. Pingdom


Website speed test, plus other free analytics tools for your website! GO NOW >>

28. W3C Web Education

W3C Web Education

Contains resources to help you teach or learn modern web development. GO NOW >>

29. Screenfly


Preview how your website will look in a variety of mobile devices and screen sizes! GO NOW >>

30. Placeit


Generate product screenshots in realistic environments! GO NOW >>

We hope you find these tools and resources to your liking and benefit!

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