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If you use virtual hosts and have had to test your site on a variety of devices you know it can be a pain. On a desktop or laptop you can edit your hosts file to route requests to the correct IP, but how can you do this on iPads, iPhones, etc.? Luckily 37signals has released a free DNS service called that makes this really easy.

The best way to show how works is by example. From the website:              resolves to     resolves to   resolves to  resolves to

So if you have a virtual host for "mysite", in apache you can add the following server alias to your virtual host configuration:


Or even

ServerAlias mysite.*

After restarting apache you can visit from any device and the IP should be resolved correctly to

For more info on and a link to the github page visit

Hopefully this will make testing your concrete5 sites that use a virtual host easier!

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