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I always forget, and always come back and look around for that hint on how I can add my own page type to my theme.

The reason may be that you have a special page that you want a special type of image slider, but the script that someone else wrote for it clashes with C5. Or it may be that you just want finite control over one page with a custom header and footer.

Whatever the reason this is the simple and easy way to add a page type to your theme.

  1. Add a file to the root of your theme folder 'example.php' with example being the name of your page type. Remember this page type, you will use this for your handle in step 2.

  2. Log in to your dashboard and navigate to 'Page Types'. Dashboard>>Pages & Themes >> Page Types, and add your page type using the filename (without the .php) as the handle.

Now you will have a page type you can pick from when adding a page, and you use the file you created to manipulate the themed page exactly as you like.


Gotta Love the simplicity of this CMS

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