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Step by Step

1 Find the following file on your computer (you should know where you keep it!)


Copy it up to


This is called an "Override" in concrete5. Click here to learn more about overrides and why they're important.

2 I opened my avatar.php in Notepad++ if you don't have it try downloading it...or use a similar source code editor

3 You will see all kinds of code in avatar.php but don't worry, go to the lines which read:

    <h2><?php  echo t('User Avatar')?></h2>
    <p><?php  echo t('Change the picture attached to my posts.')?></p>

You will notice when avatar.php is opened in Notepad++ that 'User Avatar' and 'Change the picture attached to my posts.' are in a grey colour. You will also see the word 'echo' before. Echo means:

Basically, when the code 'echo' is used you know that means the words 'User Avatar' and 'Change the...' will be seen by your user. It 'echos' the words you need to be seen. So, go ahead and modify the grey text, it's not really code. But, only change the grey text inside the single quote marks.

4 Change your grey text. I modified mine to read:

    <h2><?php  echo t('User Avatar or photo')?></h2>
    <p><?php  echo t('Add or change the picture attached to my posts. After using the Webcam or Upload, click Save. You will need to refresh the page
    to see your Avatar.')?></p>

5 Save your avatar.php file

6 Upload the file to the correct location (I use filezilla)

There are clever coders out there, I know, who can modify code all kinds of way. But if you want a little independence then give this a try.

If I haven't been clear or you need more help, let me know.

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