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The eCommerce shopping cart overlay displays the contents of your customer's cart every time they add an item. While the overlay looks slick, some site owners prefer to display the plain Cart page. Below, we'll show you how.

History Lesson

Prior to the eCommerce 2.0 release, we disabled the cart overlay for all versions of IE-- this was done because IE 6 had a lot of trouble with it. Now that IE has gotten its act together and become more standards-compliant, we've turned the overlay on for IE 7 and higher.

Disabling the Overlay

First, copy the cart javascript from packages/core_commerce/js/ccm.core.commerce.cart.js up to its proper override location in (your_site_root)/js/ and open the new copy. Look for this code, around line 168 (line 190 if you're using eCommerce 2.8.6 or so):

if ((jQuery.browser.msie && jQuery.browser.version >= 7) || jQuery.browser.safari || jQuery.browser.opera || jQuery.browser.mozilla) {
        ccm_coreCommerceUseAdvancedCart = true;

This checks the users' browser and disables the cart overlay for all versions of IE below 7. If you want to disable the cart overlay for all browsers, regardless of type and version, you could remove the if statement and set the advanced cart var to false:

ccm_coreCommerceUseAdvancedCart = false;

If you're still using eCommerce 1.87, you'll find a slightly different line of code, but the same approach should work.

You could also leave the if statement intact and re-write it to behave differently when different browsers are in use.

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