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There are a number of accounts with their own logins and passwords you get when you host your concrete5 site with us. We’d love to make this simpler, but here’s a run down of what you should understand today:

Your “admin” or “concrete5” login

This is the account you use for editing your website. You login to your own site with it, and you get a toolbar across the top of the page once you’re logged in. This is for making content or functionality changes to your site. This would be used when logging into http://[your domain]/index.php/login

Your “community” or “” login

This is an account you may, or may not, have made on You need this if you’re shopping for add-ons or themes, and want to connect your site to the community. You also need this if you’re posting to our public forums. If you’re on (picture of Mt. Hood on the bottom left) you’re using this account.

You can reset your password for by visiting our login page and using the "Forgot Your Password?" form:

Here’s a video that explains what these two accounts are and why you need them.

Your “cPanel” login

cPanel is the web based interface we use to let you manage your hosting environment if you host with us. You can setup email accounts, provision new databases, add FTP accounts - everything related to your website that isn’t content management. If you host elsewhere, you may have some other "Hosting Account Login."

Your “WHMCS” or “Services Portal” account

We use this area to manage support tickets and provision new hosting accounts. If you want to buy another web hosting account with us, or get help from us on anything - this is where you should go: