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If you skipped creating a product page when adding your product or products to concrete5's eCommerce add-on and you would like to create product pages after the product or products have already been added, this how to is for you.

There are two methods in which you can create a product page.

The first method is to manually set up the product pages by adding them through the sitemap.

1) Visit your sitemap

2) Click on the parent page you would like this product page to live under and from the pop up select "add page"

3) Select the "product detail" page type.

4) Name the page the name of the product you are setting up and click "add page"

5) Visit your products page in the concrete5 dashboard

6) Click on the name of the product that you just added this page for

7) Click edit properties

8) Under the description area where it says "product page" click "select page" and select the page you just added. This will automatically set up the product on the page.

The second method is to duplicate the products.

1) Visit your products page in the concrete5 dashboard

2) Click on the product name you want to set up the product page for.

3) Click "Duplicate"

4) When the sitemap pops up select the parent page you would like the product to live under. Click "okay" and the product page will be created.

5) Next delete the original product that had no product page.

6) Last edit the "properties" for the page to remove the word "copy" from both the "name" of the page located under the "standard properties" tab and the "Canonical URL" which is located under the "Page Paths and Location" tab also under "properties".

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