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To create modal dialogs on dashboard single pages in packages, the following steps are necessary (assuming the package already exists):

Creating the following supplementary files / folders (for sake of readability):


The 'my_dialog' controller should look like this:

namespace Concrete\Package\MyPackage\Controller\Dialog;

use Concrete\Core\Controller\Controller;

class MyDialog extends Controller
    protected $viewPath = 'dialogs/my_dialog';

    public function view()
        /** your code */

The 'my_dialog' view is a standard Concrete5 view.

Add (if not exists) the following method inside the package controller:

public function on_start()

Now in the single page view:

My dialog

 $('a[data-button=add-event]').on('click', function() {
            href: '',
            title: 'My dialog',
            width: '280',
            height: '220',
            modal: true
        return false;
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