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<?php  echo Loader::helper('concrete/dashboard')->getDashboardPaneHeaderWrapper(t('Single Page Name'), false, false, false, false, false, false); ?>

<div class="ccm-pane-body">

// Tab setting using array
$tabs = array(
    // array('tab-id', 'Tag Label', true=active)
    array('tab-1', 'Tab 1', true),
    array('tab-2', 'Tab 2'),
// Print tab element
echo Loader::helper('concrete/interface')->tabs($tabs);
<div id="ccm-tab-content-tab-1" class="ccm-tab-content">
Tab Content 1
<div id="ccm-tab-content-tab-2" class="ccm-tab-content">
Tab Content 2


<?php   echo Loader::helper('concrete/dashboard')->getDashboardPaneFooterWrapper(false);?>
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