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Let's get Concrete Wall to work with Magic Data using Universal Content Puller ...

First, navigate to Dashboard > Stacks, and create a stack named "Concrete Wall". In this stack, add a Concrete Wall block, with proper settings based upon where you are rendering the final output.

Next, Navigate to the page you would like to place the wall feed on. Add a Universal Content Puller block to the page. Click to select a stack and select "Concrete Wall". Click on "wrappers", set the wrapper to "content", and apply the "Magic Data" template.

You can also add a content wrapper from my "Enlil Transparent Content" add-on (Currently in prb) for some transparent looks like below:

You're finished!! Now you are able to post targeted messages based on the page, current user / page owner information, etc. I've simply touched on some REALLY basic functionality here. Play around with it... I think we'll come up with some fun stuff!!

An example of a text string and what it will return:

Welcome [%UID USERNAME%]. Visit our Blog page at [%SET Blog CONTEXT Page URL AS_LINK%] for the latest news!

Welcome admin. Visit our Blog page at for the latest news!

As seen working in greek yogurt with transparency template applied...

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