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jordanlev brought us the ever useful Page List Teasers package. JohntheFish took it to the next level by creating the Magic Data Page List Teaser template available in the Magic Data Templates1 package.

Now I'd like to share the product of random boredom :)

Let's give Page List Plus some Magic Data Page List Teaser functionality. Or should we give Magic Data Page List Teaser some Page List Plus functionality?

Copy: /packages/jl_magic_data_templates1/blocks/page_list/templates/magic_data_teasers

To: /packages/skybluesofa_page_list_plus/blocks/page_list_plus/templates/

Now you will have a Magic Data Teasers template you can apply to the Page List Plus block. Utilize Page List Plus's Page Selection, Filter, and Sorting options to manipulate your page list output.

NOTE: You will need to install the Page List Teasers add-on for this to work. Also, some options will not work. If you're a developer you should have no problem editing this and making everything work. I have not done so yet, as this solution suits my current needs.

Magic Data Templates1 is a free package. Even if you don't use Magic Data and simply want the Page List teaser functionality for your Page List Plus block, this is your solution. If you don't have Magic Data installed it outputs exactly like the regular Page List Teaser template would. You could also choose to copy the template from the Page List Teasers package if you'd like.


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