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Hi, just sharing a quick tip. If you use the layout tool provided by c5 you will notice that it embeds inline css to each column created. Now if your building a site in a responsive manner with media queries or other solution, layout tool and it's layouts might become a problem, if you for example create a 3 columns layout, try resize the browser and that specific layout would still be 3 columns at a width for ex 480px. To overcome this I have found a quick and effective solution for this. Assuming your targeting with media queries for example your breaking your content at 768px in you css add:

[code] div[style]{ width: 100%!important; } [/code]

This will override any inline css to make its width 100%. Neat, now your layouts break to a single column if screen width is less that 768px. Give it a try and thanks for reading.

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