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The purpose of this tutorial is to provide you all necessary step to get your site up and running as soon as possible, without the time spent searching forums and old support posts.

It incorporates the use of symlinks by the Concrete5 Team and using dispatcher.php by Mainio.

Step One: Download and Install Concrete5. Download and install it somewhere on your host, and ensure that it runs correctly before we make modifications.

Step Two: Moving Things Around. Select a location you wish to keep the shared core directory. Following the C5 Team's example I placed my folder in this location:


As shown /share is in the root dir. Then the concrete folder containing the core files is placed in a folder specifying its version.

Step Three: Symlinks! To keep good record of the version you are linking to we will create a symlink called current-stable-release(or whatever) in the /share/concrete5 directory.

If you do not have access to your ssh or simply just don't know how, there is hope! Visual Reference

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.

  2. Launch your Hosting Control Center.

  3. Enter the FTP File Manager.

  4. At the top right there is the Symlinks Button.

  5. Click Symlinks.

  6. Select folder to which the symlink will point.

  7. Name the file you wish to create as the symlink,

    NOTE: Select the directory in which to create the symlink using the left-side panel, which also displays your account's file structure.

  8. Click OK.

Step Four: Making Ends Meet. At this point we move to mainio's process: using the dispatcher file instead of using another symlink, .htaccess edit, or php5.ini config.

Go back to the directory that we moved the /concrete directory from.

Here we will download the dispatcher file provided in marinio's how-to: dispatcher file and upload it to the server. This should be located where your /concrete dir was.

The new dispatcher file looks for a startup.php script from your site's /config/ dir, so create this.

In the /config/startup.php file, add these lines:

// Hide "constant already defined" errors when /concrete/config/base.php gets included
ini_set('display_errors', 0);
// I'm using the latest stable version core for this project
define('DIR_BASE_CORE', '/home/content/##/#######/html/share/concrete5/concrete-latest-stable/concrete');
// From which project I'm serving the static assets
define('ASSETS_URL_WEB', '');
  • You may want to set display errors to 1 until the sit loads successfully.
  • For DIR_BASE_CORE, you will need to get your Absolute Hosting Path from you Hosting Control Center on Godaddy.
  • For ASSETS_URL_WEB, This will be the web address of your symlink.

Step Five: Smooth Sailing After a few edits and F5 keystrokes, your website should be up and running as if it never went down!

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