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If you accidentally assign an addon or theme license to the wrong site and want to assign it to a different one, here's a step by step outline of how to do this:

Release a License


  • Click on the name of your old project to be taken to its Project Page.

  • On the Project Page, you'll see a list of Add-ons & Themes. Click the red button labeled "Release from Project".


  • Now assign the license to your new project. Go back to your list of projects. Click the name of your new project to visit its project page. Select your add-on from the list under "Add Item to this Project" and click the Associate button.


  • On the new site, go to Dashboard > Extend concrete5. Your add-on should appear under "Awaiting Installation."

ready to download

Delete an old project page

If you no longer need your old project page, you can delete it from your profile. This will automatically release all licenses assigned to the project and make them available to be assigned to other projects. See the following how-to article: Delete a project page

Download an add-on

The source code of any add-on is available only if the license is unassigned. Your profile's Licenses page lists your purchases. A Download Archive link will appear along side the add-on's name if it's currently unassigned.

For additional help, check out this how-to article: Download and manually install an add-on.

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