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concrete5's built-in Login Destination feature lets you set where you want users to be sent immediately after logging into your site. (Given, if the user is prompted to log in following a request for a page that requires it-- they'll instead be sent to the requested page.)


One handy trick that your administrators will find useful is ticking the "Redirect administrators to dashboard" checkbox. This will send any user that belongs to the Administrators group directly to the Dashboard.

Redirect Administrators

Maintenance Mode

Not only does sending administrators to the Dashboard often save a click or two-- it can also be very helpful while a site is in Maintenance Mode. The default Login Destination setting sends Administrators members to the Homepage upon login, where they won't see a "Dashboard" button on the editing toolbar:

Maintenance Mode

Often, administrators need to access the concrete5 Dashboard while the site is in Maintenance mode. They can either access the URL directly ( or have the Login Destination setting take care of it for them. This can save a bit of confusion and frustration if your administrator is not familiar with using the direct URL to find the site's dashboard.

Keep in mind, however, that you may not want to encourage your administrators to be changing settings at the same time that you're doing something sensitive, like restoring a backup or moving a site-- sometimes it's better to have them notice the site's been disabled and hold off.

Need a more complicated redirect?

If you need to send other groups or users to a specific page (or do other cool stuff) check out our Login Redirect add-on!

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