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Where I work, a range of staff contribute content to our website -- some upload the company newsletter, some upload updated stock quantities, some upload photos to galleries. The file manager is fantastic, but can be daunting for new users, and take a few more clicks than necessary for quick uploads. This how-to will show you how to create a specific upload page for various types of content, and how you can use these to make updating content even quicker and more painless than before!

This example assumes that you have:

  • A user group with any number of users in them. In this example, we'll have a group called "Newsletter Editor"
  • A file set. We'll call this "Newsletters"
  • A page that will show the information we're after (i.e. a page that will show the latest newsletter)
  • An addon that can list files in a set. I use as it's free and does the job nicely

To set this up:

  • In your Full Sitemap (Dashboard > Full Sitemap), create a new page: "Newsletter Upload". Use whatever page type you like and set the page up as you would any other page.
  • When you're done, click on the page in the Sitemap and click "Set Permissions". In the "Who can view this page?" section, untick Guest and tick "Newsletter Editor". This will ensure that only people in that group can access the page, otherwise anyone can upload files to your site!
  • When you have saved that, click on the page again and click "Properties". Click on "Custom Attributes" and assign the following attributes to the page: "Exclude from Nav" (to stop it from showing up as a regular page on your site), "Exclude from sitenav.xml" (to stop it from being indexed by Google). Save those attributes. Now your page is safe from prying eyes.
  • Next visit the page and edit it.
  • Add a new Form block and add a new "File Upload" question. Give it a useful name like "Newsletter to upload". Make it a required field to ensure people upload it correctly
  • In the "Options" tab, change "Add uploaded files to a set?" "Newsletters"
  • If you want to be notified when someone uploads a file, tick the "Notify me by email when people submit this form" box and fill in your email address
  • Save and publish the page
  • Now go to the page that will be used to display the files you upload (that is a page a person can click on to download the latest Newsletter). Add the "List files from set" block. Set the File Set to "Newsletters"
  • If you just want to display the most recent newsletter, set the limit to 1

And voila! When a person in the Newsletter Editor group goes to the "special" upload page and adds a file, it'll automatically be put into the Newsletters file set and displayed on the Newsletters page.

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