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Add-on and theme developers can make special offers through It’s a great tool. Here’s some reasons to use it:

  1. You are giving support to someone who is using your add-on/theme and perhaps didn’t understand how licensing works. If you find yourself helping the same person with multiple sites on the same add-on license, you can always offer something like...

“I’d love to help on this, but I notice this add-on is licensed to another project. Since you’re already a great customer I’ve put together this special offer to get the license you should have on this site for %25 off.”

  1. You’ve got a great customer who wants to buy a “bulk” or “unlimited” license. That’s good news, the bad news is “unlimited” is tricky legally. Is your support “unlimited” too? <shivers!> Consider instead granting them 999 licenses of your work for a low fixed fee. They get the margin they want, but you are actually covered under a sane legal relationship.

  2. You’d like your add-on to be part of the Deal of the Day promotion we have from the Marketplace.

  3. Your add-on/theme works particularly well with another one. If that’s the case you can bundle stuff from different developers together for a single price. Our hope is that Theme developers and Add-On desigers will start to think creatively about that.

  4. You want to offer your work on sale. We don’t automatically post special offers anywhere, but we give you a unique URL for the offer so you can post it anywhere that makes sense for your marketing plan.

Add an Offer

You have to have one approved item in the marketplace. If so, visit:

Page 1 --

Name: This will be shown to everyone who can access the offer, at the top of the offer page. If you submit as the deal of the day, this is the string we tweet about.

Description: Clarifies what the offer is all about to anyone who gets to the page.

Marketplace Items in this offer: Add any add-on or theme. Obviously you can make a special offer on your own themes and add-ons, but you can also include other developers offerings. You can even suggest a discounted price you want to include it for. When you include someone else’s add-on/theme they will get a notification and have to approve the deal before it can go live.

You can make the offer include multiple licenses of add-ons/themes. If you’re looking to give a shop an “unlimited” license for your software, this is a great way to do that. Just give them 999 licenses for a fixed amount. We even do the basic math for you in the form.

There is an optional expiration date and total number of sales limiter. If either is reached, no one can use the special offer.

Press Create offer to get it started. (You’ll still need to activate it, don’t worry!)

Page 2 -- This offer won’t work until you activate the offer. Click the check box, hit Update offer and you get a custom URL that only you know. Excluding the potential impact of your date & quantity limits, this is when your offer is now ready to go. If you’re just making a special offer for one person, go ahead and give them the URL in that box now.

If you’d like the offer to be considered for the Deal of the Day promotion, just click that green button. PLEASE activate it first.

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