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Rather than using a folder-based method of sorting files (like a personal computer), the File Manager allows you to group files into sets that you define.

Once you've placed files in a set, they're available at the click of a button. You can think of this sort of like "tags" or "labels"-- searchable properties that offer a great amount of flexibility and filtering. Combined with Add-ons like the Document Library, File Sets allow you to serve precisely the documents you want to the people you want to access them.

Check out the screencast above for a demonstration of the following features:

Basic Sorting and Filtering

  • Add files to a new set
  • Add files to multiple sets
  • Display files matching only one set, or multiple sets

Advanced Search Interface

  • Perform a sub-string search within selected sets
  • Add search criteria to select by file properties (file size, etc) within a set
  • Add search criteria to your query to select from user-defined custom attributes
  • Save a search query for re-use

For a look at other capabilities offered by the File Manager, check out File Manager: Tools and Features.

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