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I am a huge fan of Google Apps for several reasons. Once of the nice things about it is that it provides me with a central location for all of my e-mail information so that I don't have to be jumping around to several different places to see what e-mail has been sent from my various websites.

This is why it was important to me that I be able to use Google Apps with Concrete5 to send e-mail. This is how It did it (it is actually pretty simple).

Follow these steps

  1. Log into the Concrete5 dashboard
  2. Click on Sitewide Settings on the left menu
  3. At the top, click on the Email tab to reveal the email settings
  4. In the Sitewide Mail Settings, select External SMTP Server for the Send Mail Method
  5. Next, set your SMTP Settings as follows:

    • Mail Server:
    • Username: This is your Google Apps email address
    • Password: This is your Google Apps password
    • Encryption: SSL
    • Port: 465

Click on the Save button and this should complete your email configuration.

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