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The File Manager is a powerful and integral part of your concrete5 site. Wondering what it's capable of? Check out the screencast linked above to learn how it handles all the following tasks:

Uploading and File Management

  • Upload multiple files
  • Import files directly from elsewhere on the web
  • Change sort order, add custom search attributes
  • Replace a file you've already uploaded
  • Use picnik to edit uploaded images
  • Add and edit metadata
  • Add files to sets
  • Password-protect a file


  • Display and edit file properties
  • Manage file versions and roll-back
  • View file download / view statistics


  • Add new custom attributes
  • Search by attribute


  • Add or remove allowed file types
  • Set up alternative file storage locations
  • Set permissions on files for users and groups

For an in-depth look at using file sets, check out Using File Manager Sets.

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