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concrete5 provides an asset library helper, which makes it easy to add file support to your own custom forms and blocks. When used, the asset library helper creates a javascript area that is capable of launching the file manager, managing file permissions, etc…

Loading the Helper

$al = Loader::helper(‘concrete/asset_library’);


$al->file($formElementID, $formName, $chooseText, $fileObject = null)

Creates a concrete5 file element. Gives the element the ID $formElementID, and the form name $formName. This will be the name of the item in the $_REQUEST or $_POST array. (Note: the concrete5 file element does NOT post using $_FILES. It posts numerical file IDs of files already stored within the concrete5 file manager.)

$al->file(‘thumbnail’, ‘thumbnailFileID’, ‘Select Thumbnail’);

When the surrounding form is submitted, check $_POST[‘thumbnailFileID’] for a numerical file ID.

Optionally, a File object can be provided, and the form element will show that as initially selected.

$al->image($formElementID, $formName, $chooseText, $fileObject = null)

Exactly like file(), but restricts selection to image file types.

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