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The Dispatcher

All requests are routed through the concrete5 dispatcher. Checking out your site’s index.php, you’ll notice that it consists of a single line:


What does the dispatcher do? In order:

  • It sets up the C5_EXECUTE constant with a value of true.
if (!defined("C5_EXECUTE")) {
        define('C5_EXECUTE', true);
  • It performs several startup checks to load configuration files and makes sure the dispatcher is not being called directly.
  • We load the call the database loader:
## Load the database ##
  • Load the cache library and start the cache.
  • We load the core libraries, then the core models.
  • We load theme paths, session handlers, etc.

Finally we’re ready for the good stuff. We take the request to the dispatcher and get the matching collection object:

$req = Request::get();

If the collection cannot be found, the user is sent to /page_not_found:

switch($c->getError()) {
$v = View::getInstance();

We check for maintenance mode, then create a new permissions object for the current collection:

$cp = new Permissions($c);

Now we check to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the collection’s permissions. If an error is returned, we render /page_forbidden:

switch($cp->getError()) {
    $v = View::getInstance();

We then load the appropriate version based on the permissions object, record the page view in the site statistics table, and fire the on_page_view event:

## Fire the on_page_view Event
Events::fire('on_page_view', $c, $u)

And finally, we render the page:

$v = View::getInstance();

This section focuses on what happens when we sent a request to your concrete5 site, and how the dispatcher handles the request. If you'd like to take a look at the file for yourself, go ahead-- it's located at concrete/dispatcher. You'll notice there's a lot going on in there! As we step through each part of this file, we'll gain some insight into everything that happens behind the scenes before a page is rendered.

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