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After this you have to create a custom page in Wordpress and then you have to change your page template (via the admin) to the template you just uploaded.

In concrete5, the simplest way is to use the Page List block on any page you create. Then from a drop down you can select which custom Page Type to display.

To display custom content in theme, page type or single page code:

In Wordpress, you can display custom post types via the loop:

$args = array( 'posttype' => 'myspecialpost', 'postsper_page' => 10 );
$loop = new WP_Query( $args );

while ( $loop->haveposts() ) : $loop->thepost();


     echo '
     echo '

You add this code to a new php page in your themes directory and upload the file.

To display custom meta content in Wordpress, you have to use getpostmeta in the Wordpress loop:

echo getpostmeta(gettheid(), 'myspecialmeta', true);
$pl = new PageList();
$list = $pl->get();

foreach ($list as $page) {
    echo $page->getAttribute('myspecialattribute');
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