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The following methods are available for the CollectionType object.

$pageType = CollectionType::getByHandle($handle)

$pageType = CollectionType::getByID($id)

Returns the CollectionType object.

$page = $pageType->getMasterTemplate()

Returns the master page for a particular page type.


Deletes a page type and its associated master collection.

$pageType = CollectionType::add($data, $pkg = null)

Adds a page type. $data may contain ctHandle, ctName, ctIcon.

$pageType = CollectionType::update($data)

Updates the page type with the same $data array.

$pages = $pageType->getPages()

Returns an array of pages of this type. Does not check permissions since this can get pretty long it actually returns a limited amount of data.

$pageType->assignCollectionAttribute(CollectionAttributeKey $ak)

Assigns an attribute key to a page type. This will make the attribute key show up when adding pages of this type.


Returns an IMG tag for the page type's icon.


Returns the ID.


Returns the name.


Returns the page type handle.


Returns the master collection ID.


Returns the pointer to the icon.


Returns the package ID, if one exists.


Returns the package handle, if one exists.

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