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With each redevelopment of the site, some old favourite pages get relegated to places that are hard to find or even excluded from the navigation. Here are a few of them.

Related Projects / Community Projects

Some useful development projects that were not suitable for release as addons and a more recently maintained version on Remo's Blog

Translation of packages on Transifex

And on Github

Previous Versions

Where to download any version of concrete5.

Release Notes

Where you can find all the current and previous concrete5 version release notes.


5.6 branch, long term support

5.7 branch

The Blog

Anything from core team announcements to addons and themes approved by the PRB

Submitting to the Marketplace

Submit an addon or theme for review by the PRB

Deal of the day

Today's special offer.

Karma as it happens

The karma list as points are awarded. The pulse on who has done what.

Promote concrete5

Help the project by spreading the word

Community Leaders area

Pages with additional info for longer term active members.


If you miss it on your site, you can hack in to an unformatted newsflow at this URL

Any more pages for this list?

Please post further suggestions on the forum thread at

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