This is the documentation for concrete5 version 5.6 and earlier. View Current Documentation

This feature allows you to create and restore backups of concrete5's database. Note that this will not backup your website's files - only the text, structure and settings of your website are saved.


When you load the page, any existing backups and their details are listed at the top. To download, restore or delete a backup click the relevant button next to it. Note that restoring a backup on a website that has been changed since the backup was made will overwrite those changes.

To run a backup, click the Run Backup button. Note the warning - unless you intend to download the backup and delete it from your web server, you should always enable encryption. This will prevent unauthorised users from gaining access to your website's private/administrative data by downloading the database backup.

Note: the concrete5 Dashboard Backup feature works best on small sites. If your backup process takes too long, it may generate an error while the job completes. This is related to configuration settings in your hosting environment. It is recommended that most site owners use a utility like phpMyAdmin to manually create a backup and download it to your personal computer.

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