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A favicon is the icon that shows up in the browser's title bar (or address bar) when your site loads. It also appears when someone bookmarks your site. It may seem like just one tiny detail, but it's an important one for any professional-looking site-- especially if you want visitors to remember you!

Your favicon image should be 16x16 pixels, and should be an gif or a png with a .ico file extension. You can create your own by using image editing software like Photoshop, or by visiting one of the many favicon-generating websites (like and )that offer tools you can use to make your own.

Adding or changing a favicon is a breeze in concrete5. Once you've got your favicon ready:

  • Go to the Dashboard
  • Click the Sitewide Settings tab
  • Find the Upload Bookmark Icon section (it's a box located right below Tracking Code)
  • Click "Choose File" and browse your computer to select the favicon you created.
  • Click "Save" and your favicon will appear whenever people visit or bookmark your concrete5 site.
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