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Time Settings

The controls in the Time Settings section allow the selected permission to be valid only during a specified time frame.

For example, it may be desired for one group of users to only have access to edit a page during certain hours of the day, or even for a period of several days. 

To set a permission to apply for only a specific period of time, click the clock icon next to the access entity you've selected:


Then set the time period during which you'd like the permission to begin and end. Setting an end point is optional.


Once the timed permission has been applied, the clock icon will be shaded blue to indicate that the permission has been applied to a specific time period:


On the page's permissions list, an access entity with a timed permission will be listed in blue. Mousing over will trigger a preview overlay that shows the permission's time setting at-a-glance:


Repeating Time Settings

Timed permissions can also be set to repeat the timed access setting every day, week or month.



Perhaps you would like to prevent a user or group from making edits during a critical site backup period, for example, between 12am and 1am on Tuesdays.

  1. Edit permissions for the page you would like to prevent edits on
  2. Click the Edit Contents permission
  3. Under Excluded, click the Add button to the right
  4. Click the Select dropdown and choose an entity, such as a user or group.
  5. In this example, Registered Users might be a good choice since it will
  6. ultimately prevent all users from making edits during the site backup
  7. Under Time Settings, select the checkboxes next to From and To, and
  8. then select the begin and end times for the permission. These dates and
  9. times should reflect the first time this permission should be scheduled
  10. Select the Repeat... box
  11. Next to Repeats, select Every Week from the dropdown menu
  12. Make sure the correct day is selected
  13. Click Save

In this example, all users will now be unable to make changes to the current page between 12am and 1am on Tuesdays, repeating indefinitely.

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