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Looking for a way to add next / previous pagination to your site? Check out the Next & Previous Nav block.


  • Next Label - Lets you choose to use the page name instead of the next/previous labels. This is nice for building what feels like a multi-page article.
  • Next/Previous labels - change these around if you prefer < Back | Forward> or something else.
  • Up Label - exclude this if you like. Included it links to the parent page.
  • Show arrows adds small arrows to the labels you defined.
  • Loop - lets you limit the paging to stop when you get to the end of a section, or instead start over from the beginning.
  • Page Order - sitemap honors the order you can drag and drop to control in the Dashboard > Sitemap. Chronological uses the page created date.
  • Exclude System Pages - This is handy if you've installed add-ons like eCommerce that add system pages for shopping carts and checkout to your site tree. Checking this on will keep pages that should be hidden from showing up here.
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