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When you connect your site to the concrete5 community, a project page gets made in your user profile.  If through some ill fortune this connection is lost, follow these instructions to restore it.

You will need to perform some minor modifications to c5's database.  If you are not familiar with phpMyAdmin or modifying databases, be extremely careful or find help.

First you need to disable your cache.  If you search "Cache" in the intelligent search, you can go to a page called "Cache & Speed Settings". You want to turn off all the different kinds of cache in there. Once cache is disabled you will have to modify the Config table in your databse, be careful, but the instructions are pretty simple:

  1. Go into phpMyAdmin, most hosting clients have it as a link from cPanel.
  2. Pick your concrete5 database from the list.
  3. Open the table named "Config"
  4. Remove the row MARKETPLACE_SITE_TOKEN and click "go."
  6. Exit phpMyAdmin
  7. Go into your site's Dashboard and go to "Add Functionality"
  8. Click the "Connect To The Community" button and go through that dialog.  Your website should be reconnected.  You will want to re-enable your cache at this point.
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